Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 Weeks old

And I am still in shock that I am a Mom. Kaiya has been a little fussy in the feeding department. Her farts would make any old man jealous and she can spit up like you wouldn't believe. I guess she really is taking after me :)

My let down of my milk has been so forceful that she chokes and sputters, then vomits and finally some time later farts. Not only is it uncomfy for her to feed right now, but my breasts feel like they are going to explode! I am leaking like a faucet every time she goes near me and am soaking all of my clothes.... yes I am wearing booby pads. Poor baby girl, I hope I do not choke her to death with my super breasts, I guess the good news is, is that I have never heard of any baby drowning on their mothers breast milk.

Her doctors appointment went well today. She is now 9 pounds 2 ounces! Hurray way to go Kaiya! The doctor did find a click in her hip at the last appointment and has scheduled an ultrasound for Oct. 28th to get it looked it. She thinks that she has Congenital hip dysplasia (born with a dislocated hip), a hereditary condition that I myself was born with. The treatment is to wear a brace for the first few months and that's it. After today's visit our Doctor is now convinced that she has it since the clicking when the left leg is rotated is still very pronounced so she has gone ahead and scheduled a specialist appointment for Kaiya and says that the ultrasound will just confirm the diagnosis. I do feel for my baby girl, but it could be worse, it could be permanent.

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