Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Dog... Again!

Oh Nanook, you did it again. He was being so good. We had a system, if we came home and nothing was ripped up then he would get a treat (we never used to have treats in the house because we don't believe in treat training). Well last night was a doozey!

For a little back story, two days ago Blair discovered that the zipper on one of the cushions in the leather sofa had decided to bite the dust. He left a message for the service company about it yesterday and just didn't think twice.

So Yesterday, all day Nanook was fine. I came home from work, no messes. Blair and I went to our very last Prenatal class and upon returning we walk into a living room that is completely covered in fluff. To me it appeared that Old Man Winter had made a pit stop in my house before moving on up North. There was fluff everywhere! I was just in shock I think I stood there for 5 minutes just saying "No, no, no" over and over. Blair was furious!!! I have never seen him so angry with Nanook before. I don't blame him.

So after calming down we stuffed the fluff back into the cushion and ignored Nanook for the rest of the evening. I wish I had gotten a picture of it because I know one day it'll be a funny story. Right now I am still so disappointed. Not exactly sure what we are going to tell the service company about how the fluff mysteriously jumped out of the cushion.

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