Monday, August 24, 2009

No news is good news

Ok, so I missed my whole 34 weeks pictures and survey. Not much new although the pictures might of been interesting to see since I am feeling like Baby is starting to drop and I have been getting comments from people that I appear to have dropped as well. I was really excited about this since this last little bit has slowed down to a snails pace and I am back to counting days again, just like in the first trimester. Here is a quick run down point form of what's new:

I continue to gain weight, I had only gained 2 pounds at my 34 week appointment but my scale says otherwise. I am going to be a balloon at the end of this.

  • Baby's heart rate dropped again, it is now sitting at 120. Scary to me, not too worry some for the doc (even though according to the resident doctor I had at 32 weeks it's not a good sign. Stupid man, scaring me!)
  • I have developed a small rash on my back right by my right shoulder blade. Coincidentally it is in the same spot that I have been getting knots in and have been rubbing non stop for a week straight. And to make matters worse I had Blair massage it a few days ago with my electric back massager that unknowingly to us Nanook had in his mouth the day before yuck! Low and behold I now have a 3 inch circle "rash" (I think it's acne ).
  • I have swollen to new proportions, and my rings are starting to feel a little tight. (I haven't been able to take them off for a couple months now)

And that's it. Most of the stuff is old news, but I thought I would try and keep everyone up to date.

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