Thursday, June 18, 2009

25 Week Bump

I cannot believe how far I have come, it still feels so unreal!
My pregnancy has now been upgraded from boring and uneventful to having something to report. I have been getting a LOT of pain down in my pelvic bone area. I am having difficulty walking, lifting things, putting my pants on and getting up from a sitting position. Sleeping is getting very painful and I no longer am answering "great" when people ask me how I am feeling.
After speaking with the Clinic it turns out that my pelvic bones have decided to start separating. Great, this will help with child birth but for most women it usually isn't so painful (or so early) I have been advised to take it easy, move very little and more often and take warm baths and pray that it subsides sooner rather than later. Pity party for one up in here!

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