Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Camera Update

Bad news on the camera front. I phoned the "hole in the wall" this morning to check on the status of my camera. Apparently the part they were waiting on was an LED screen, which made no sense to me since the pictures themselves were coming out with the spots on them not just the preview on the camera. Anyways the man informed me that they have finished replacing the screen and it made no difference and that it's the actually lens of the camera and to replace that is more than the camera itself. Urg, I guess I am stuck with a broken camera till we can scrounge up some money for a new one. Thank goodness he said we wasn't going to charge me since I would be upset that I would have to pay for repairs and a new camera. I guess we will be hitting up the Camera Shop one of these days :) Maybe my brother can come with me and help me pick out a good one.