Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big ultrasound today!

Hurray! Today is the day that I thought would never come! I am so excited to go to our 4D ultrasound and see baby again and get photos to show the world. It feels so unreal that we have made it this far, it feels so unreal that we are even pregnant! We have waited so long for this that I feel like we are just make believing that we are and any day now I will wake up and realize that I am not really pregnant that I have been faking the whole time. This could be our last ultrasound, our last time to see baby before we get to meet them, that is a sad thought. I need to relish in that moment and just cherish every second that I am there. We have been so blessed. I am just in awe. *sigh*

Well enough mushy crap, I finally heard back from the camera guy. It is going to be $125.00 and a week to 2 weeks to get my camera back. Boo! I am most definitely going to have to borrow one till then, I can't go that long without documenting my ever expanding tummy. At least it is getting fixed and isn't going to cost us the amount of a new camera.

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  1. Yay... that is sooo exciting. I loved Jayden's 4d ultrasound. I hope it went really well!
    Miss ya girlie!